What’s The Weight?

LakefrontbeginI alike many of you, have been on an up and down roller coaster with managing my weight. Typically I have always fluctuated within the range of 155 to 175 pounds since high school. We all know as we age it gets incredibly hard to shed pounds, though I have always been a “curvy girl” I have never wanted to be too much smaller than whatever I weighed. I have always been comfortable with myself and I attribute my high self-esteem to my mother, she never made me feel fat nor talked about my weight to where I felt uncomfortable. She raised me to be confident and when I needed to scale back she would always say just eat your food on a smaller plate or maybe slow down on the snacks. My dad, however, (smile) would make mention of my overindulging on bread and have me run with him and though the bread comments became annoying over the years, at times I can still hear his voice when I know I need to push it aside. I can proudly say I never went to extreme measures to obtain that vision of a “perfected self”. Prior to being a wifum (if you’re new to my blog that’s the combo for wife and mom (mum), I would recognize over-eating bread or sweets and just refrain from doing so when I needed to shed some weight. I worked out at the gym every now and then or walked/ran on along the lake. Being from Chicago walking and especially running the trails along the lake are pretty common ways to exercise.

As I’ve grown into wife and motherhood I stopped working out and little-by-little was less and less active overall. It’s funny, my husband and I vowed when we got married to have those hard conversations when necessary. One of them being when we became overweight to talk about it before it got out of hand but, we haven’t. I think I have become a little more sensitive about my weight husband a little more in denial over the years. About 3 years ago we began what would become an on-and-off journey to get our weight back in control. It just so happens I simultaneously came to the recognization that I am a total foodie. Two conclusions that definitely are difficult to maintain concurrently. I’m proud to say my husband was able to loose about 30 pounds and he’s managed to keep about 15 to 20 off for the last three years. I myself was also able to loose about 20 pounds and was able to successfully keep off a fluctuating 10 to 15 pounds successfully over the last three years.

Recently I have almost gained all of that weight back and though I noticed the small changes here and there (jeans fitting more snug, my stomach area not as small) it wasn’t until I took a few pictures that the true story was revealed. You know pictures almost always never lie, you know those unflattering photos we crop and doctor up. (I have plenty!) However, when even your best selfies and cropped pictures show that undesired fat or double chin you know there’s a problem. My husband lost his weight using something called HCG (Google for more information) there is so much research and an entire community of people who swear by this method of weight loss. I can certainly attest to my husband’s success with it.

grant biggest and smallest.jpg

My husband at his heaviest and in 2013 after huge weight loss

I lost my weight seemingly accidentally, I haven’t worked out much within the last few years, however, working with children has definitely made me more active. My husband and I began getting these shakes and teas from a little shop nearby my daughter’s school, they were delicious. Unknowingly they had health benefits and are actually very good for resetting some of your bodies internal functions and helping many lose anywhere from 15 to 30 pounds by replacing meals and flushing out their systems. I’d lost weight without trying and once I knew the teas and shakes helped to jumpstart that I was hooked until I became tired of drinking my meals through a straw. I actually bought into part of the weight loss system known as Herbalife and started working out.

How many can attest to losing weight and feeling like you can have a few extra cheat days? Well let’s just say I’ve had many, those cheats combined with the stresses of life and my being plagued with stomach issues like gastritis along with a few unhealthy eating habits just took away all the progress I’d created. I even tried the HCG diet and successfully lost weight but because the diet is so restrictive 5 to 600 calories for two weeks and certain dietary restrictions it was hard for me to complete it to the end. I have recently decided I will attempt the HCG diet for the 5th time and actually complete it all the way through maybe for 40 days (pray for me) as I type this it’s day 3 of phase 2 (there are 3 phases). I have actually already lost 5.5 pounds in two days (the HCG diet is very aggressive and allows you to capitalize on your weight loss quickly when followed exactly.

I will update this post with my results toward the end, but my last weigh in was 194 and just so you are aware three years ago I weighed 202 and have maintained 185 over the last few years until recently going back to 199. I know my husband is excited that I have taken this journey yet again as he too has gained some of his weight back and combined the HCG diet, the Crossfit work out, and boxing to achieve what he hopes will be his best adult body. My workout plans are on hold until I see the weight loss I’m able to achieve from the diet, my goal is 170 which will be my highest weight loss ever meaning I will have lost 32 pounds total. Typing it here seems pretty lofty but considering my doctor says I need to be 155 for my height (5.5) and I want to see a real change in my appearance and eating habits I’m hoping that setting it coupled with a few of my husband’s favorite pictures of me will keep me motivated! The below slideshow are a few pictures through the years of us and our varied (mostly mine) weights and a family throwback that I love, you can see my fluctuating weight loss and gain by looking at my face alone.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Recently my husband tagged me in a few old photos from our Vegas trip back in 2007, this was after having our daughter I know it is one of his most favorite pictures of me as I was the smallest ever in my adult life in a size 6 after not having an appetite for about 7 months. He thinks I can get back to this size even though I insist I did nothing to achieve it so it’s not only impossible, it’s unrealistic. He had to go and drop a scripture and of course you know it was Matthew 19:26! Are you on a weight loss journey? If so what works for you and what doesn’t? What have you discovered about your eating habits or the lack thereof? I’ll end with the tagged pictures I’m describing below ciao for now.

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