Mission…Patio Pt. 2

My last patio post was on was awaiting the use of those Target deals I scored and the husband’s Father’s Day grill purchase. Well…the grill plans fell through so instead I ended up getting the mister a nice Samsung Gear watch 🙂 Besides being perturbed at the defunct technology (which later we found to be a programming stall and lack of understanding) he loved it. The grill is still on the back burner just has to be ordered since many of you guys seem to also have purchased it (snicker).

stok grill

Cutesy right?

Today after my attempts to sleep in late from a night’s shift at the hospital visiting my mother (that’s another post) I got up and began the day. I went to pick up a can of spray paint to finally finish the paint job on my daughter’s desk. Anytime I’m out in the yard, I always look over to my little patio area that’s just begging for furniture but alas in due time, as our household is ALWAYS under project construction. I missed out on a steal of a deal earlier when these wicker patio chairs I went back to a yard sale to snatch were gone 😔. I also thought about picking up this old school patio set for only $25 bucks I had no way to transport it without scratching up my seats, it may still be available. Thoughts???


Though those chairs would have been an awesome addition to our patio, I already have some small but quality updates to do. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I posted this little diddy last week. I have now found my new home decor store zen! Arhaus is the beesknees, and then some. Normally expensive but currently they are having their annual sample sale and Lordy Lordy what a sale, I found some Japanese fishing buoy goodness (pictured). I had no clue what they were prior as I’m pretending to be educated on the details but I didn’t need to know the background to know I could do something fantastic with them. Thanks to my fellow design/decor bud Tiffany (more about her on the Decor Wives blog) we came up with an awesome patio install that just pops!

With a little help, (my design assistant lol aka the hubby) I was able to get these puppies up in 30 minutes. The next phase in this process are lights, painting my chair (currently outside), and for goodness sake patio furniture! I’m extremely pleased with how it turned out…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I guess the only question left is will we be ready for a July 4th bbq? Fingers crossed…


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