Red Sticker Showdown

A sea of red stickers is one definite way to get me going, and if you love Target like I do I’m sure there’s no need for further explanation. I go to Target on average twice a week those stats are down by 50% only because I’m trying to do right by my budget. The sad thing is I’ve picked up a skill that allows me to sift through whatever is being offered and find a deal no matter my budget, so I leave Target a happy camper. I utilize all the Target extras as you fellow shoppers do, Red Card, Cart Wheel, Text Messages, and even buying in bulk to obtain those gift cards that come in handy. It’s been a while, but lately, I’ve been on a Target binge! “Papi I’ll be back, I’m going to run to Target!” “Hey girl, can you meet me, I’m at Target?” “Hey hun, I’ve got to make a Target stop.”

I even had this picture posted on my Facebook page by a friend (super cute) and of course received a resounding yes!


While there the very last time, I scored a few items and detailed a few in my patio post. I forgot to mention this cutesy basket that I now collect my throws and pillows in for storage in my living room. $17 🙂


After Target I went to look around in TJ Maxx…is it clearance mania everywhere???

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