Complicated Simplicity

Yesterday I felt more like myself than I have in months. As I sighed and looked at the sky thinking of my mother who’d be proud of me. What happened you ask? Nothing, in particular, she would have simply been excited to hear that I was in my element or “being myself”. My mother was huge on authenticity and always loved to witness others flowing in what she’d recognize as a person’s authentic self. Sounds like a page from an Oprah magazine right? A few laughs in-between the solitude of my own thoughts were my companion for the car ride to a meeting. No expectations on my time, no rushing, just my prayers followed by some good tunes. It’s definitely my preferred way to drive.

Gosh why can’t every day be like this?

pancakes-and-coffeeTwo cups of coffee and 3 almond milk pancakes later with a dear family friend, we were on the cusp of something great. Something happens when women brainstorm get together. I think it’s called MAGIC. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a feminist that will conclude men are no longer necessary or only necessary for things I deem. I love strong, intelligent, articulate men. Especially strong Christian men stepping in and doing whatever they are best at, I currently work for an organization that lacks this presence I believe but I digress. However, there is absolutely something magical that takes place when intelligent, articulate, female minds come together. There is a deep sensitivity, an understanding, and a creative synergy that takes place in our gatherings.

I drove away from my encounter feeling stronger, in my creative zone, and authentic. Why? How? That is easy and difficult to answer.

lsd-at-duskAs I hit LSD on my way home, I vowed to allow myself this space more often even if I had to take the time to do so by force. I began to ponder on what really makes me joyful and besides Christ and my family (inclusive of close friends) I’m really not that complicated and actual my wants are quite simple. I want quality over quantity in everything I do, own, participate in. Is totally obtaining that across the board of my life simply too complicated? I’m not sure…

What are your complicated simplicities?

Mine you ask? As it stands, feeling beautiful, living comfortably, great food, intelligent conversation, laughter, creativity, good music, great customer service, lazy days, technology and decor.

Feliz Sabado



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