Hello January

Well, the new year is here and ready to begin even if some of us aren’t. I’m not a crazy resolutionist, but like so many of you there are definitely edits to be made in my life but I won’t let those define my first quarter let alone the whole of 2017! Social media is probably buzzing with coined phrases like “New Year New Me” and Yolo. I’ll pass…but I won’t deny that I’ve drunk the societal kool-aid and have developed seemingly a January ritual of sorts. This photo accurately depicts what my January consists of…relaxation from the stresses that develop from the holiday, re-centering and focusing on what’s next, and a cup of “me time” in a warm and toasty drink by candlelight.

Oh, you didn’t realize the holidays can be stressful for more reasons than the usual? Oh but they can…I’m thankful besides a few solemn days I only had a few hours of the ugly cry. Obviously, I knew the holidays would be difficult without my mom. I planned on pushing past my grief for a day and but in the end, I opted to just stay home while my munchkin and husband went to visit family. It turned out to be the best for me and it kind of brought me closer to my mind in a way as I reflected on all the years she remained in her house during the holidays. This wasn’t just when she was ill, she’d come to enjoy being in the comforts of her own space for whatever the reason. I don’t think I’ll ever fully adopt that mantra but there weren’t many tears shed while I was alone just me and being present with my thoughts and once I embraced it, I was actually ok.

The holidays for me give me the coziest memories of family, fun times, my wedding anniversary which almost always guarantees some alone time for the hubby and myself, and snowy shut-ins. It also marks the countdown until the new year, self-reflection, goal setting and review, and most importantly time away with God. I recently noticed that every January I pick up a new journal, it never occurred to me until I was having Deja Vu in the isle of my local TJ Maxx. The journal is generally used off and on until near or about my birthday and then life gets busy and my daily journaling gets derailed.

From October through December I tend to enjoy myself, and not watch my girlish figure. Adding grieving to the mix and I just went to town on any and every comfort food I desired. Though I need to shed a few pounds from the comforts of the holiday my focus is to make healthier choices to get my body back in rhythm. You see it’s an endless cycle of sorts you get to a comfortable weight for the warmer months and then you enjoy the winter months and all the hearty desserts and dishes that come with the holidays and come the 1st of the year you feel like a guilty glutton and race to try and drop the pounds you put on only to repeat that cycle come next year. What I’ve discovered is I LOVE FOOD, and I may have stated that on a previous blog. There’s nothing wrong with loving a good meal but there is absolutely something wrong with over-indulging and not being accountable for your health. Hence the bowl of broccoli in the above photo is representative of that.

My candle represents an additional layer of centering and focus. Have you ever found a great scent that just drew you in? There are many but I’m not referring to that wonderful smelling gentleman that walks past (that’ll draw you too lol). Have you ever visited someone’s home and instantly the scent drew you in and you just had to find out what it was? Did it make being there comfortable? Did you feel relaxed and at home? Scents draw us in and are preparatory in the way we receive what’s next. I find that lighting a pretty candle focuses me, gives me fond memories of my mother who loved candles, and makes me feel very relaxed. All the candles I’ve ever owned have always been given or gifted but this candle pictured above I actually purchased which is also interesting to denote.

Where will your 2017 journies lead you? Share below or on any of my social media outlets you find this post and #twc2017!





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