Much Ado About Nothing 

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Just in case you haven’t noticed or wondered just what exactly was going on over here, yes I’ve changed the name of the blog. It was a decision arrived at over the course of 8 years. Yup, that’s right I began The Wifum Chronicles eight years ago when I was much younger and a new wife and “mum” hence the title. As I look back I realize how writing was my sweet spot then and has always been my therapy. I’ve been writing and sketching alike in diary-like notebooks since I can remember. I still have many notebooks that hold a collection of my doodles and daily notes tool this very day. One thing that has blessed me during this grieving period of my mother is a collection of her writings as well. There are prayers, task lists, notes of wisdom and scripture, as well as her heart basically on paper between her and God. My brother and I are blessed to be the recipients of these private notes and can review them in quiet times when we desire to know her heart, remember her voice when it feels our ears cannot connect to traces of sound memory, or just want to be encouraged as she was a great encouraged! I too hope to leave my notebooks for my munchkin once the Lord comes to whisk me to join my mother in the heavenly places  (tears). Ahem…Jesus let me make it emphatically clear that I like the old folks say, still have a lot of living to do and am no longer so far outside of my own mind and body with grief that I find leaving this earth to join you sooner than my appointed time. No time soon in Jesus name!


Have you heard the title phrase before? “Much ado about nothing” Originally written by Shakespeare in 1598, the comedy was later adapted into modern books and films. Though this idiom is noted to the earlier 1500’s it has always meant what it does till this day, much worrying about nothing. How many times do you worry about well…nothing? In my experience seemingly too often (I’ve gotten better over the years but still a work in progress) though usually you never realize it until it’s too late or after a specific event or issue has passed. Ever cringe and think my goodness I wasted so much energy on this and it ended well or wasn’t that bad of a situation in hindsight? And don’t actually leave a situation you worried excessively about and actually learn something from it! You end up appreciating that same experience hitting your head like Homer in a Simpson’s episode.

I’d like to assume that happens to us all and probably too often. We worry, draining our daily energies, creativity, or even a good night’s rest. Don’t look at it from a spiritual perspective, “Oh Lord I’ve prayed and worried and still you have blessed this situation with an outcome that was in my favor?” You immediately repent if you’re like me and feel like you’re sinking so low you’ve become a part of your wood flooring. 😔😂 You learn your lesson and go on living to fight another day hoping you’ve tucked the biggest part of your last lesson away so your next trial doesn’t take so long to get through. Oh yes! You know those refresher courses you never sign up for but always seem to repeat until you can wipe the sweat off your brow and have peace in the midst of a trial?  Sometimes it’s not even a trial, we make momentary lessons turn into elongated tests.

I have been sharing this next testimony quite often as it fits but yet when the lesson repeats itself I’ve still yet to realize it until I’m about fifteen minutes of wasted time and energy in. My munchkin God bless her is a “tween” (her words not mine) and with this “tweenship” comes her unadulterated opinion on well…everything but mostly her hair and clothing. She wants her hair in only three ways, all down, in a high bun, or a low ponytail.

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My munchkin prefers jeggings over jeans that she almost always needs assistance pulling off her legs, and shirts or tees that come ever so slightly past her waist otherwise she’ll label the shirts too long and the jeans too big. What@$#&%! These two areas have caused us both much grief in the morning and seemingly this new territory of preteen attitude that turns into defiance and down right disrespect. Initially, it occurred to me after being late to my weekly staff meeting for a month straight that I’m putting my foot down on the clothing but if she wants to wear her hair the exact same way for a month even if I don’t like it, allow her. So I took her to the side and taught her how to brush her own hair and put it in a basic ponytail. Every day for three weeks or so she wore a low ponytail and though she needed some assistance with the sides of her hair she just threw on a wide headband and all was solved. Until one day she realized she needed mommy to help her and had to humble herself. I knew the day would come and as much as I rehearsed my lines to tell her no and mean it, I helped her smooth down those edges and gave her that look like yep mommy’s ARE useful. It soon switched from the hair to her clothing and again I’d find myself spending 20 minutes of our morning right before an important meeting, deadline, or errand lecturing her with us both leaving in a tizzy. It wouldn’t be until later that I’d realize oh gosh there I go again worrying much about nothing. Now it’s a given as my munchkin grows up she has become even more independent and wants to show that and I try to reel in some of that independence back as I see my munchkin becoming a munchkin no more. The Lord gave me yet another remedy. “Tonisha, play praise or worship music in the morning,” and when I say it calms things down oh my goodness does it make a difference! We are both singing and dancing away and statements that should end in my preferred “yes mommy” do and we smile and giggle each morning as we get dressed.

So as I began this post, my blog has been a labor of love for me since 2009 and it began titled “The Wifum Chronicles” and has been renamed “Tdswali Tells All”. I used the later title when I blogged about my small business and others I would find on many nights of research and late night website design for clients. I always thought the title could encompass a lot more but was drawn to my Wifum title’s distinction. I feel this title really completes my blog and the direction as I added a few more areas of discussion and I’m just sharing all aspects of my life and not just motherhood or tales of wifedom. I surely hope you enjoy the reading and that you will share it with others that may enjoy it as well.



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