Mornings Like This

This morning alike many, my family and I are headed in different directions. As of late, my husband is back in school and like many college students has an 8 am class. Our daughter “munchkin” has to be in school at 9 am. This basically means they both leave home by 7:30 am and I get up much earlier to make sure I can properly facilitate this production with ease. Nevermind the fact that at 6 am I also check to make sure all of my students are up, finishing their necessary details, chores, and are ready for school. As well I’ve added a new nugget to my morning routine, which is prayer and reading my devotional scriptures and even a cup of coffee or tea if I so desire, with all of this beginning at the best timeslot for a night owl such as myself; 5 am!

After getting the students out to school and my husband following them out of the door, I head back into my personal home (connected by a door via the student’s hallway) and wake up munchkin for school. I turn on her light and ask her ever so sweetly to get up careful not to get her attitudinal response. This approach almost never works and I either have to a) rush her by telling her she’s already late or b) remind her that dad has to go to class, or c) yell about my not being late for my Monday morning meeting. Usually the second of the three works, but when it doesn’t, elevating my tone (after 5 sweet attempts) makes it abundantly clear it is 7 am. I then race to get dressed and pack munchkin’s lunch. With one shoe on, as I button my shirt and check the time, I start doing my mental/verbal checks to ensure munchkin has met all the checks on the “mommy tasklist”.

You know the basics…
1. No crusty eyes or stinky breath (check)
2. Used deodorant & lotion (check)
3. Cute clothing w/ no leggings and short shirts (check)
4. Eat something for breakfast that’s not junk food (check)
5. Hair isn’t all over her head (check)
6. Packed bookbag & grabbed lunch???

This morning #6 on the mommy task list had not been met but munchkin was already having a mini meltdown after I popped a pimple that was calling out to me (pimples at 10?) and fixing her hair. With my praise music blasting and the clock ticking I’d done my part for her and was returning to do my own finishing touches. Like actually putting on both shoes and correctly buttoning my blouse that my husband noted in its current state would have given more than an eye full at my Monday morning meeting. As hubby prepares to leave with munchkin racing behind, I must ask the dreaded question. This question separates the munchkin’s from the tweens in my world, this question reminds my child that mommies are still needed many times, and ever so often gives space for the occasional apology or joking “Ha!” response from the munchkin when she’s got things all together. In the sweetest tone as I’d awakened her I inquire, “Do you have everything?” She replies with her smug tone, (mad at the world that she’s still sleepy, doesn’t like her hair style and so wishes mom would stop babying her with these checks) “Yes mom!”When she then realizes she actually doesn’t have her lunch she looks up at me and see’s this expression as I swing her lunch from my pinky finger.

martin-told-you-so-faceI L-O-V-E me some Martin Lawrence but what I love more is how this meme fully captures my facial response this morning! Munchkin soberly looked at me for a minute and said,”Bye mommy.”




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