Decor Wives Club

The Closeted Designer” was (2015) series of post related to allowing my inner interior designer/home decorator side be publicized. These posts covered my personal various home decorating projects, aspirations, goals, and everything in-between. I hope any reader likes what’s shared but in all honesty, this is a selfish online collective where I can post, push myself to share, and have a creative dumping home decor space.

As long as I can remember I’ve loved decorating, I feel it has to be something I inherited from my mother. She has a love for organization and is very design/decor savvy yet besides her own home and a few apartments of my own she has never had the opportunity to really go after something that comes so natural to her and share her talents. Since it’s said each generation goes a little further than the next it could be my opportunity to do something really great.

I guess we will find out…
6/14/16 Update: The Closeted Designer section has been renamed the Decor Wives Club stay tuned as the posts will still be uploaded but this has taken on a life of its own 🙂

Decor Wives Club has it’s own Pinterest as well! Follow me there.


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