Work Life

In 2013 my husband and I got the opportunity to began a journey unparalleled to even marriage, we became House Parents at a boarding school in IL. With only 6 years of real parenting under our belts (our own daughter), a passion for youth, and lots of love we raced to get to our students leaving mid “I-do” (as we participated in my sister-in-law’s wedding) we gained 12 more.

In 2011 we got word a school was hiring for couples it was during a time we both really needed to be employed, unlike any other place of employment you had to actually live and work on the same campus and it would require a huge lifestyle change. With much apprehension we applied and never got a call back. In the summer of 2013 I received a phone call amidst a turn around in our personal lives low and behold the school now desired us to interview and had a vacancy they really needed to fill. We were uncertain if we should interrupt our current building momentum to take on such a drastic change and at the same time there was a lot of promise for our family in the change as well as an opportunity for Christ to use us in a brand new way. We took 30 days to discuss, pray, and contemplate and decided if we were to take on this position as House Parents it had to be more than about the benefits. Well this is the beginning of our third year and God has done amazing things for us, through us, and with the students we have encountered.

This position does not come without its share of stresses and adjustments, as we actually live where we work. Sunday evening until Friday afternoon we house 10 to 12 girls of varied ages (sometimes) in a home style “cottage” where we have a connected apartment. We teach everything from life skills to social skills and we act as their parents away from home. The job is more ministry than anything though we weren’t hired to offer religious counsel (and we don’t) being believers of Christ comes out in every aspect of our lives and we treat this position as such knowing it is Christ who has blessed us with such a unique and important opportunity to pour into the lives of youths and expose them to family, culture, and help them on their journey to a successful life.


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